Sensible training, custom-tailored to you and your dog.

Puppy Fast Track

Private lessons for you and your new puppy together will lead to years of good companionship.

Obedience Training

Formal obedience training for real world application is tailored to your dog’s needs and your preferences.

Behavioral Consultation

An in-home consultation will help you understand the causes of your dog’s problem, and outline a behavior modification program to correct it.

About Joe

Joe Cavalletto is an experienced dog trainer. He has worked with breeds ranging from toy poodles to bull mastiffs, and with dogs of all ages, ranging from puppies a few months old to senior dogs with entrenched behavioral difficulties. Clients with diverse styles of relating to their dogs appreciate his eclectic orientation.



Joe’s approach to training is warm, friendly & firm — just how you would like to be yourself. Consistency is the key, which he does phenomenally well all the while easily teaching you (the owner) to do the same. The best part is your dog will LOVE working with Joe.


Randi Cutler