Our Team

Judith and Jack Kordash

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my sincere pleasure to write this testimonial for Joe Cavalletto of Cavalletto Canine. Our Standard Poodle, William, is 2-1/2 years old now and I can say without hesitation that Joe gets much of the credit for William’s obedience and behavior.

William is very intelligent and strong-willed with a high energy level. Even as a small puppy William was a challenge for 2 retired people who hadn’t had a dog for 30 years. Add to this the fact that Standard Poodles are also “watch dogs” or “guard dogs”. As Joe would say to us regularly, “he’s a lot of dog”.

Joe’s patience with us was amazing. His directions were clear and concise. When he handled William, our dog almost immediately “got the message” and began to obey the command. Joe was always gentle and soft-spoken with William. He reminded me on several occasions that it is not necessary to raise my voice. The key is positive reinforcement – reward for obeying the command.

Joe used both voice commands and hand signals. At this stage of development, William does a good job of obeying hand signals and many times there’s no need for me to even speak a word. Joe also highly recommends the “Nothing In Life Is Free” concept. Your dog should EARN his dinner, or his ball, or his play time. Whenever William and I would have a set-back and we were not getting it, it was never a problem with Joe. At our next meeting he just reiterated his instructions, handled William, handed him over to me for practice, and on we went.

Whoever is fortunate enough to hire Joe Cavalletto as their dog trainer will find themselves working with a top-notch, professional, knowledgeable, lover of dogs. We know you will be as pleased as we have been.

Judith and Jack Kordash