Obedience Training

Brooklyn Training Services obedience training focuses on formal obedience for real world application.

Trainer Program

The Trainer Program is two week intensive dog focused training course. There are eight private training sessions with your dog and two handler lessons with you. Typically this is structured over the course of two weeks, with an hour per day Monday through Thursday of Joe training the dog one-on-one, followed by an hour each Friday for a private dog-handling lesson with you and your dog together.

Instructor Program

The Instructor Program is a course of once weekly, hour-long private lessons with you and your dog. The focus here is to teach you how to train your dog. The lessons are conducted in your home and outdoors, in a park and/or on the street.

Customized Packages

Packages include in-home sessions with you and your dog as well as outdoor activities in your neighborhood for $500, or you can schedule sessions as you go for $75 per hour.

To arrange your first session, call or email Joe Cavalletto.

Sample Training Sessions

These videos of training sessions give you a glimpse of some of the techniques Joe uses. Basic Obedience Basic obedience with a beagle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCT42WsonIY Advanced Obedience Some advanced obedience with a shih-poo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pObPsGX_Z7o More obedience training with a ...


Dog Tricks

Training your dog to do tricks can be a enjoyable challenge. This first video shows Joe and Otto demonstrating several common tricks, while the other videos on this page show you ...

Obedience Commands

General obedience training programs typically include the following common commands. Sit Your dog should be able to sit on command while in front of you, at your side, at a distance, from a down ...