About Joe

Joe Cavalletto is an experienced dog trainer. Clients with diverse styles of relating to their dogs appreciate his eclectic orientation.

Prior Experience

He has worked with breeds ranging from toy poodles to bull mastiffs, and with dogs of all ages, ranging from puppies a few months old to senior dogs with entrenched behavioral difficulties. He previously ran the Day School of Cavalletto Canine in the Boston area with his brother Dan.

Training Approach

Joe summarizes his approach to training this way:

The fundamentals of training are understanding, clarity, and consistency. We must first understand our dogs’ mind, what it wants, what it needs and what drives it. We must be clear in our communication with conscious effort towards our word selection, tone of voice and body language. Lastly, we must endeavor to maintain consistency in our communications, expectations, rules and relationship with our dogs.

Schedule A Session

To arrange a personalized training session, call or email Joe Cavalletto.