Dog Tricks

Training your dog to do tricks can be a enjoyable challenge.

This first video shows Joe and Otto demonstrating several common tricks, while the other videos on this page show you how to train your dog to perform these tricks as well.

Paw or Shake and Wave

One way to train the shake or paw trick is to state the word, take the dogs paw in hand and then reward. Repeat this many times while reducing how far down you reach to take the paw in hand. Soon, your dog should start to meet your hand. Work to eliminate any reaching to meet the paw and instead, wait for your dog to give you his/her paw entirely on his/her own. Afterwards, you can teach your dog to wave by removing you hand before he/she reaches it.


You can train your dog to bow by luring his/her mouth to the ground, while simultaneously reaching under his/her belly to keep the rear up.

Zig Zag

You can train your dog to zigzag between your legs while you walk. First, lure your dog between your legs. Repeat until it is easy. Then withhold the reward, step forward and lure through your legs again.

Play Dead

You can train your dog to respond to “bang” (play dead), by luring him/her to the ground and onto his/her side. The reward is given at ground level when your dog’s head is lying on its side. It will take many repetitions before your dog is comfortable and understands what do. Try breaking the entire motion into baby steps, before attempting it in its entirety.

Roll Over

Training your dog to roll over is similar to bang. Just continue the lure until your dog rolls over.

Retrieving Named Objects

Watch Otto bring toys and his leash by name:

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